About the SWKC

In 2003 an informal group of archeologists, potters, replicators and just people interested in the processes and materials used to create ancient pottery of the Southwest met in Old Leupp Arizona for what became the first gathering of the Southwest Kiln Conference. This event has been held nearly every year since then at various sites in the American Southwest. Our group invites previous participants as well as new artists and others with an interest in prehistoric pottery to bring pieces to this event and fire them using a range of firing methods and fuels which include trench, pit and surface kilns.

In 2016 the conference will be held at the Apache County Rodeo Grounds, Junction of Hwy 180 and Hwy 260 in Springerville, Arizona on September 15 – 18. This year the Casa Malpais Archaeological Park in conjunction with the Little Colorado River Chapter of the Arizona Archaeological Society will be sponsoring the conference.

We hope to have a large group of potters, archaeologists, and other people interested in Southwestern pottery in attendance. There will be something for everyone and we will all learn from each other no matter our experience level.