About the SWKC

In 2003 an informal group of archeologists, potters, replicators and just people interested in the processes and materials used to create ancient pottery of the Southwest met in Old Leupp Arizona for what became the first gathering of the Southwest Kiln Conference. This event has been held nearly every year since then at various sites in the American Southwest. Our group invites previous participants as well as new artists and others with an interest in prehistoric pottery to bring pieces to this event and fire them using a range of firing methods and fuels which include trench, pit and surface kilns.

This year we are once again being hosted by the Tijeras Ranger Station, in Tijeras, NM, with help from the Friends of Tijeras Pueblo.  As with other conferences we will plan for presentations and demonstrations on Friday August 4, from 9:00-4:00.  The following day we will conduct kiln firings and hold a bar-b-q on Saturday August 5th at the Oak Flats Campground. We will open kilns on Sunday morning August 6th and will try to tour the Maxwell Museum at the University of New Mexico in the afternoon. For more information about this year’s conference click here