We were once again hosted by the Tijeras Ranger Station, in Tijeras, NM, with help from the Friends of Tijeras Pueblo.  There were presentations on Friday August 4 and a tour of the Maxwell Museum at the University of New Mexico in the afternoon.  The following day we  conducted kiln firings and held a bar-b-q on Saturday August 5th at the Oak Flats Campground. We opened the kilns on Sunday morning August 6th.

T-Shirt Design

The conference is open to the public with a request for $10 to cover the cost of a t-shirt, $15 for the meal on Saturday and this year we are asking for a $5-$10 donation to support the Friends of Tijeras Pueblo in their outreach efforts to educate the public on the cultural and archeological significance of the of the area.  This is always an enjoyable and educational event and we invite you all to mark your calendars and join us again next year.